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Journey to Beautiful Village
of Langtang

A beautiful journey begins in Kathmandu, with the
vibrant city opening its arms to all backpackers. Roads from Kathmandu lead to
Dhunche and Syabrubensi, a remote town in the foothills of Langtang region.
Much anticipated trek of the Langtang starts here with a hike to Lama Hotel and
then Mundu. Langtang village falls on the way which has been a constant
mainstay and a center of attraction to the ones on the journey. The trip to Kyanjin
Gompa, a village known after a revered monastery in the Langtang region, marks
the farthest point of this trip. Additional trips to Tserko Ri (4,984m) and few
other destinations make up for a savory trip.

Enveloped in Himalayan grandeur and
Tibetan-Buddhist cultural glory, Langtang valley stands out as a premium
trekking destination. This trek to the North-west of Kathmandu is the most
accessible, for its proximity from the capital city, yet is lesser preferred
when compared to those in Annapurna and Everest regions. Yet, the trekking
experience is second to none and the Langtang Trek aptly justifies the hunger
of the travelers. Enjoy the journey through vast valleys, traditional villages,
lush farmlands and, of course, the unwavering Himalayas to the beautiful
village of Langtang.

Now, let’s go through some of the highlights of
Langtang trek and the journey to the beautiful village of Langtang.

Langtang Village

It is the sheer beauty of the trail leading up to Langtang
village and 360° panorama of surrounding mountain ranges that make this village
a great stopover. Beautiful Langtang village sits in the lap of towering hills
with great views of the Himalayas. Inhabited by Gurung and Tamang community,
this village comprises around 15 tea houses catering to trekkers from around
the globe on a journey to explore Langtang. One of the remotest villages in
Nepal, Langtang village has had great success in maintaining the ancient
culture and heritages to cater to the needs of the ones yearning for the
exquisite Himalayan escapade.

Kyanjin Gompa

Kyanjin Gompa is a monastery atop Langtang valley, popular
for the amazing views of the Langtang II (6596m), Langtang Lirung (7227m), and
Dorje Lakpa (6996m). Additionally, the Kyanjin Monastery makes the name of this
settlement stand out in Langtang region. And of course, a cheese factory in this
town puts the smiles back with a chance to taste yak dairy and especially yak
cheese. A trip to Kyanjin Gompa is followed by an acclimatization day. Hike up
to the icefall and glacier of Langtang Lirung makes up an exciting day. Also,
climbing to the summit of Kyanjin Ri (4773m) or Tserko Ri (4984m) can be
undertaken for the epic panorama of the Langtang Valley stretching to the south
while the Langtang range and Dorje Lakpa forms a gigantic wall of snow up

Langtang National Park

One of the oldest reserves in the country, Langtang National
park highlights a trip to this region. It encompasses numerous villages and
parts of Nuwakot, Rasuwa, and Sindhupalchowk districts. The climate is best
during spring and autumn while winters are mild except for the freezing, cold
nights. This Park is home to around 14 different types of floras and some
endangered species including snow leopard, red panda, and Himalayan Tahr. The
beautiful village of Dhunche is the gateway into this National Park which is
home to a sacred lake, the Gosainkunda, as well as the Shin and Kyanjin Gompas.
Be ready to be mesmerized by the wilderness with occasional sightings of
landmarks and places of interest.

Tamang Culture

Experience the culture of indigenous Tamang tribe, and explore
their lifestyle with the Langtang Trek. Tamang’s are aboriginal natives with
their origin tracing back to Tibet. They migrated south as horse traders and
settled in the Himalayan region occupying Nuwakot, Rasuwa, and Sindhupalchowk
districts including Dolakha and Sindhuli. The traditional attire depicts the
colorful lifestyle of Tamang folks, and their Tibeto-Burman influence is
evident from their language. Six distinct sub-clans have upheld the culture
throughout generations. They are known for their dance culture, and a cultural
program is a great way to experience their art.

Perfect Mountain View

Langtang Lirung is the highest mountain in this region
standing at 7227m. Accompanied by Dorje Lakpa at 6996m, the Himalayan range
stretching along the northern periphery onto the east makes for a splendid
excursion. Views of snow-capped peaks appear as soon as you enter the Langtang
region. Langtang National Park itself is a part of Sacred Himalayan Landscape
and houses a host of Himalayan range and glaciers to the north. Mount
Gangchempo (6387m) is another glorious mountain with a broad wall of snow
making it a feast for the eyes. Accompanied by Shishapangma (8013m), the serene
mountains and their frightening silence and bound to run chills through your
spines as you immerse into this immaculate beauty of nature.

While the highlights of this trip make the trek a worthwhile
adventure, trekking along tumultuous terrain and experiencing the warmth of
hospitality extended by locals is bound to melt you to the core. The serene
moments amidst the hills make up for a delightful experience as well. So, why
not venture out on this epic journey of exploration and cultural awakening!

Number of the day 9
Minimum 2 pax
Price $890

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