About Us


Higher Path Treks and Expedition is a legally recognized adventure company operating in the forefront of Nepali Tourism. Based in Kapan, Kathmandu, the company is the product of a partnership between two passionate souls, Karma Geljen Sherpa and Glen Young (Director in the USA). Karma Geljen Sherpa, the Director of the company in Nepal, was born and raised at Sibuje village in Everest region. While growing up, Mr. Karma began to apprehend the beauty of the glorious mountains and grew an unprecedented love for them. He has since then, dedicated all his actions to spread the magnificence of the Himalayas all over the world. However, no great feat comes without a small start. Mr. Karma has a humble background of working as the porter and guide at the kick-start of his career in 1999. Since his advent in travel and tourism, he has successfully led numerous campaigns to the lap of the Himalayas. One such instance is his maiden expedition as a trek leader in which he led the climb to 3 peaks in 25 days that included Pachermo (6273 m), Lobuche peak (6119 m) and Ama Dablam (6845 m). The expedition was a huge a huge success and was a cornerstone to lead the company on a meteoric rise on the face of Nepalese tourism.

With the sole purpose of providing vivid experience to the clients, Higher Path Treks and Expedition has received accolades from a ton of international tourists with the company harboring 70% of its clients from the USA and remaining 30% from India and European countries. Due to our ethical approach to our work and passionate team, both our trip packages and services have been a subject of great admiration. The grounds that we operate on are laid with detailed research and praiseworthy conveyance. Moreover, we make sure that our staffs such as guides and porters have ample wages and provisions with a daily wage of the minimum of 10% from the trip. Our noteworthy contributions to sustainable tourism also have been gathering a huge interest and compliments from various parties. Additionally, we emphasize the well-being and prosperity of the regions we conduct our trips on with Karma project being a small initiation to expand the horizons of our contribution. Karma project is dedicated on providing scholarships to the underprivileged children and conducting training programs and employment to locals and supporting various other funding programs to help develop the villages in Sibuje.

With responsible working methods and a sustainable approach to tourism, the company reflects goodwill established during each trip and expeditions organized.

Why choose Us

Safety and Security

We are committed to offering safe experiences to our clients with highly qualified and trained guides who intimately know the land. You can expect that we hold customer care at the top of our list. Through proper preparedness and utilization of high industry standards, we craft tours that are incredible adventures with the focus on sound procedures.

Personalized Service and Private Groups

We provide personalized service because we care about our customer’s experience and want nothing more than to offer incredible adventures and create meaningful journeys with wonderful lasting memories. We can support private group opportunities to visit the all beautiful reaches of Nepal and will treat each of clients as family.

Business with Social Causes (Karma Project)

Our focus is on crafting trips that are beneficial for the communities we visit, and for the clients to enjoy the opportunity to gain a deeper level of understanding of the world around them. It is our honor to provide a bridge between those seeking to explore a new land, and those who can benefit from caring travelers. Through projects like the Karma Project, we support villages who are taking an active role in their development for a self-sustaining future.

Responsible Tourism

We have heard and responded to the call for sustainable travel and how it benefits both traveler and community. Our mission is to provide incredible adventures full of fun, and exploration while seeking opportunities that facilitate internal growth for the villages we visit. This goes beyond basic transaction for goods and services but allows both the traveler and the resident to see each other as people to share knowledge, understanding, and smiles.

Add-in Options

We will take you to some of the most incredible places in Nepal. The landscapes are mesmerizing and the people are always quick with a smile. These and more are the reasons why some would like to continue their adventure or modify it in some way.  We are happy to extend the trip and will do our best to accommodate these requests. Please feel free to connect with to find best add in options for you.

Discount (5%)

It is our wish to provide the best in responsible and sustainable tourism while providing the highest value for our services. We take pride in our carefully crafted trips and want to offer them at the best rate for our clients. Those that take part in our services can receive a 5% discount when available. Just ask for it when booking your holiday in Nepal.

Free Trekking Bag

Lastly, as a token of our gratitude, we would like to provide a free trekking bag for our customers. It is of outstanding quality and will last you for many adventures to come.

We hope you come to join us to experience and explore this outstanding nation of beautiful landscapes, and incredible hospitality. Our home is yours, and together we can make memories that last a lifetime.


Partnership with Higher Path Treks

Our Mission

Our passion is to provide sincere service to those seeking adventure and journeys beyond the ordinary.  We create safe, and fun travel experiences that go beyond any trip, because our love for this extraordinary country runs deeper than business. We are the people of Nepal and are honored to share this unique and exceptional place with those who crave exceptional experiences.


We also support the development of all our staff and are inspired by their continual drive to be the best at what they do. Finally, we are dedicated to development in the communities of this incredible land. We support projects that empower people to create their own destiny and places self-sustainability at the highest priority.


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