Guest Agreement and Declaration

Thank you for selecting Higher Path Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) as your travel partner. Higher Path Treks and Expedition is completely registered and licensed (Registration– Company Registration Number) company under the several departments of the Government of Nepal. We are Kathmandu based travel and Tour Company in Nepal. Mr. Sherpa is the Chairman of the company. The company is located in Kapan, Kathmandu, Nepal. Higher Path Treks and Expedition is pleased to announce its available services to you (the customer). By traveling with the company, you are accepting to be bound by the company’s contract. The agreement includes the Terms & Conditions related to the Booking Confirmation, Payment, Refund, Cancellation, and other charges imposed as per the Company’s Privacy Policy. So, we request you to read and understand all the Terms & Conditions thoroughly before taking further decision.

Terms and Conditions of Use


Be informed that all bookings are made with Higher Path Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. While confirming a booking, a completely filled Booking Application Form is required along with the 30% of the total trip cost per person. This is a booking deposit and non-refundable. Rest of the amount is required to be paid after arriving in Kathmandu prior to the departure for the trip. After the full payment of the trip, the final documents will be issued by the company.

The term “Trip” used on the website refer to all itineraries described on the website, as well as the itineraries of tours, treks, trips, climbing, mountaineering, expeditions or holidays.

Payment Options and Method:

You can pay the booking deposit either by Bank Transfer or with the Credit Card (Visa/Master/Union Pay/American Express/JCB/SCT Card). You are requested to mention the preferred payment method while booking the form. If you would like to pay with the Credit Card then, you are required to mention the details of the card in the form. You can pay remaining amount after arriving in Kathmandu, before leaving for the trip.

Wire Transfer:

Beneficiary Bank: Mega Bank Nepal Ltd:

Beneficiary Company: Higher Path Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

Bank Address: Thamel Kathmandu Nepal:

Account Type: USD:

Account No: 0570010119960:

Swift Code: MBNLNPKA:

Telephone No.: +977-01-4743995


You will be charged with an additional 4% for all the payments done by the Credit Card. The additional charges that are applied on the payments include the trip extension, deposits, miscellaneous purchases, and final balances. The charge is imposed by the credit card payment service provider, Name of Bank, and is used to provide consumer protection for the services purchased, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the Credit Card.


After the beginning of the trip, if you (traveler) voluntarily leave, the company will not refund the paid amount. The decision of refunding or not solely remain with the company if you are compelled to leave in the middle of the trip because of any circumstances. You will not get any refunds for used services like transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, or meals. In the same way, you will also not get the refund for not utilizing any aforementioned services. Please note that these conditions are subject to change.

The company reserves all rights to cancel any booked trip by the traveler before it is confirmed to operate. A trip is confirmed to run once it has two fully paid travelers or unless there are minimum numbers of travelers as stated by the company. A trip can also be canceled by the company if there are unfavorable situations like strikes, wars, and riots, industrial chaos, government intervention, canceled flights, natural disaster, whether or any emergency related to the health of the entire team.  In these cases, you will not get any refund but, you can reuse the paid amount to go on the trip in the coming season of the same year. You can also use that amount to go on the alternative trip of the same value.

  • You are requested to provide a written notification to cancel your trip. Your trip will be canceled on the date the company receives a written cancellation notice from you. During the cancellation of the trip, any amount already paid to the company is non-refundable. However, you can use the same amount to go on another trip within a year from the booking date. If cancellation is made 30 days prior to departure from your country, the company will charge you 20% of the total amount and the rest will be refunded after deducting the processing charge of Nepal Rastra Bank. If the client wishes, the company shall withhold the refundable amount as a charge for his next trip to Nepal.
  • If cancellation is made 15 days prior to departure from your country, the company will charge 30% of the total amount and the rest will be refunded as mentioned in of Terms and Condition.
  • If cancellation is made one week prior to departure from your country, the company will charge 50% of the total amount and the rest will be refunded as mentioned in of the Terms and Condition.

Trip Amendment:

All amendments and cancellation fees apply only to the trips listed on the site. Any changes in the booking are subject to the following fees:

If the booking amendment request is received by the company 60 days or more prior to the trip departure, USD 50/person is charged as the trip amendment. However, if the booking amendment request is received less than 60 days prior to the trip departure, the charges will be made as per the cancellation policy of the company. In case of any changes in the cost of the trip within the time of the initial booking and the amendment date, the new trip cost will be applicable for the reservation. These fees are in addition to any charges imposed by the hotels or any other service providers.

If you make amendments to any arrangements or reservations associated with your trip (like hotels, transfers, etc.), then you will need to pay extra USD30 per change. This fee is an addition to any charges imposed by ground operators, hotels or airlines.

However, amendments in booking 10 days prior to the departure are not accepted by the company. If the changes can be made then the fees for late amendments will vary from a minimum of USD 50 and over per booking.

Travel Insurance:

If you are going on the any Higher Trekking or Expedition then be sure to make a medical and accident risks insurance. This insurance should include medical coverage, helicopter rescue service, and air ambulance. Many of the policies do not include cover for this kind of travel. Therefore, you are requested to make sure that the policy includes an adequate level of protection. You are also required to carry your insurance certificate on the trip. If you do not have insurance, you will be required to make suitable one at the time of the trip. If it is not possible for you to provide the insurance certificate, then you will not be permitted to continue with your trip and will not be entitled to any refund for the services not provided. You are also recommended to make insurance for any cancellations.

Passport and Visa:

You need to carry a valid passport and get the proper visa of your destination country. Make sure to confirm that your passport is valid for 6 months beyond the duration of the trip. You are also requested to check if you are holding the correct visa for the countries you will be traveling. In case you are prohibited to enter in the country or place due to the issue in visa documentation, the company will not be responsible for such events.

Facilities and Flexibility:

During the booking of any trips, be aware that the level of infrastructure development, transportations, accommodations, communication facilities, safety, hygiene, and medical facilities will not be same as that in your home country. You should acknowledge that these types of trips involve a high level of risk. You should understand that during the trip to certain events, illness or accidents may occur in the isolated regions. You are also requested to understand that the modes of transportation, route, and accommodation can be changed without prior notice in case of any unavoidable circumstances.

In case of amendments in the itinerary, the company has right to shorten or re-route any trip. Travelers will have to bear all the additional expenses caused by the modification in the trip if the expenses are outside the company’s control.

You are agreeing to accept the authority of the trip leader or local operator every time while traveling with Higher Path Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. You are aware of the compromises and adjustments you have to make while traveling in the group. You understand that the company reserves all right to decline, accept or retain any person as a member of the group.

The company engages with the network of government agencies, other companies, and individuals to run its holidays, tours, treks, expeditions, and other trips. These third parties are authorized to perform the duties they are undertaken to perform. The company (Higher Path Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd.) will not be responsible for any damage, loss, injury, or delay caused by these third parties. Higher Path Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. will not take any responsibilities of violation of the laws and regulations in the country visited by the travelers.

This agreement is authorized by the Government of Nepal. Only the head of the company or the director have rights to change these Terms & Conditions, and neither of the representatives, employees, or agents of the company has the authority to do so.

Most of the Trip prices exclude the following:

  • Charges of International flight to/from Nepal to the destinations of trip and departure airport taxes of the respective countries if any.
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Passport and Visa expenses
  • Emergency Evacuation, Searches, and Medical Charges
  • Transport cost, Extra Meals, Accommodations, and other Miscellaneous Expenses that are not included in the itinerary.
  • Tips and Excess Baggage Charge

The trip cost includes all airport transfers. Please go through the trip inclusion page along with the itinerary for each trip. The head office of Higher Path Treks and Expedition in Kathmandu or specified hotel will be your meeting point, before your departure for the trip.

Health Conditions:

All members including crew and travelers should be physically fit and in good health. We request you to let us know any pre-existing medical problems or conditions you have been gone or going through at the time of booking the trip. All the medical and evacuation expenses are the responsibility of the individual. Everyone in the group is mandatorily required to consult with the doctor about any medical issues and vaccination before the commencement of the trip. The company reserves the right to ask for a medical certificate prior to booking the trip or departure.

Weather and other unfavorable conditions:

The weather in the Himalayan region is unpredictable and can cause delays in flight especially in the Everest, Kanchenjunga, and Jomsom regions of Nepal.

In the case of delayed domestic flights, the company will contact departing city or town hotels and operators to inform them to manage the schedule. The company reserves all rights to re-route treks or use road transportation for delays without any changes in the trip cost. If you miss any flight, the company will not be held responsible for it. However, we will assist you to book other flight with the extra cost. In case of any political disturbance, the company will inform you as soon as possible. You are responsible for the proper use of the information and brochure provided by the company. In case of any issues, the company will not be responsible for it. The bookings will only be suspended in exceptional circumstances by the Director of the Company.

The Terms & Conditions of all agreements made with the Company shall be subject to, and governed by, the Nepalese Law.

In case of emergency conditions due to Altitude Mountain Sickness, the company will not be responsible for any damages.

You accept that during the confirmation of the booking, you have read and agreed to all the Terms & Conditions of the company. You also agree to abide by the policy of the company and acknowledge all the risks involved in the trips.



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